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Welcome to Keto for the Whole Family, we hope to serve you great recipes, tips, tricks, and ideas on how to incorporate a ketogenic lifestyle into any size family. We hope to help you discover the right way to help your loved ones join you on your journey to health.  We hope you have fun and share your own tips as well.

My Keto Journey

My name is Ashley and I started my ketogenic lifestyle journey on December 26th, 2017. This was about a 9 months after being diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and being told that sugar was the culprit.I was possibly headed for cirrhosis and a liver transplant. I wasn’t ready to change right away as I was focused on things other than my health at that time. However, as time passed I became more and more concerned about my health, digestion and energy levels.

It was time for a change. I was familiar with high fat low carb diets but needed more info. As I started to research my mind became transformed by all the information and science behind what is now known as the Keto diet. At first, I was content with very simple meals and a few fancy recipes to help add interest, fast forward to October 2018 and I had fully been fat adapted and loving this lifestyle even losing 40lbs as and added benefit of pursuing health.

Suddenly, I was blessed to take on the care of three children in need of some TLC. At first, I tried making my meals separate and keeping up with my health that way but it quickly became apparent that financially and logistically this would not work.

With my very busy lifestyle I choose to eat leftovers the majority of the time and since I seem to be the only one interested in my household this was not the right approach. I also knew that the children would benefit from less sugar and more healthy fat in their diets as one was obese and another struggled with severe eczema. My co-caretaker also suffered from several health conditions I knew could only be helped by a change in how everyone was eating. So we all went Keto.

As I started to cook for everyone and try to keep it interesting enough for the kids to at least somewhat enjoy this transition, I noticed that there are not many resources for families trying to do keto together.

There are some people/websites but not many who address the needs of the family unit. So I started Keto for the Whole Family as a way to help share what I’ve learned and help so supplement my income so that I can continue to provide healthy nutritious meals for our family.


I Want To Help Your Family

After switching to a ketogenic approach to eating I learned so much and there were so many positive changes that I could not ignore the need to share what I was learning with other families. I saw improvements in behavior, health and confidence. It’s not always easy but I believe that we can do this together.


My Goal

In creating this website I hope to help families learn to eat healthily with a ketogenic approach to life. I feel that starting with a traditional and theraputic grade for keto is the way to start. I realize that long term keto may not be the right fit for everyone but I also believe that once you eliminate the inflammatory properties of sugar, grains, and possibly dairy you can get in tune with what your body is trying to tell you about what it can handle and what it cannot.

I wish to provide you with a place to find and share recipes, tricks and tips. I also want to support you and your family so that together we can become healthier happier families.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ashley Fern


Ronald Henderson

Ashley, I did see recipes for deserts.

Sep 16.2019 | 07:59 pm

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